WEEK 10, 04-10.03.1996

Excerpts concerning Western Sahara from the king's address to mark the 35th anniversary of his accession to the throne:
"As I already confirmed to you, O dear people, in our speech on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Green March, we will never change our declared position one iota. We have full confidence in the firmness of the UN Security Council and its determination to remain true to its resolutions. This artificial problem which has been concocted by the foes of our territorial integrity would not have lingered, had everybody the will to build a (united) Arab Maghreb. However, the recent stance taken by some sides forced Morocco last autumn to call for the suspension of the institutions of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) for a limited period. During this period, member states should review their policies and evaluate the position of the union objectivel in a bid to give fresh impetus to its march by removing all obstacles. Our call stemmed up from our belief that joint action at the level of the union needs clarity of objectives and cooperation in an atmosphere of concord, responsibility and non- belligerence, in accordance with the stipulations of the AMU's Charter, which was unanimously adopted by the union's founding members".
In a message of greetings to the Moroccan king Jacques Chirac announced the state visit of Hassan II in France May 6 and 7 1996.

"The purpose of Hassan II confirms that the refusal of the peace remains the only Moroccan policy", says the Information Ministery of the SADR in a press release. "Direct negociations are the only solution".

20th anniversary of the SADR
They were manifestations in Paris, Bruxelles, New Dehli, Vienna, Geneva, in Cuba and Venezuela.

Trip in the liberated zones of Western Sahara, from Febr. 29 to March, by 2 two Italian TV-reporters, a South African journalist, a French photograph and seven journalists and photographs of the independent Algerian press. The route: Bir Lahlou, the Moroccan berm in the Legdim region, Tifariti, that is near 1000 km.

Publication of a letter given on March 3 by Mr. A. Boukhari, Polisario representative to the U.N., to the President of the Security Council. Mr. Boukhari states that MINURSO has not accomplished the following two steps, mentioned by the Secretary-General in his last report, because of the categoric refusal of Morocco:
paragraph 27: to proceed with the identification of all applicants, irrespective of their place of residence, who are members of subfractions included in the 1974 census.
paragraph 16: to make arrangements to share with both parties list of applicants identified so far as eligible to vote as well as a list of applicants still to be identified.
The real cause of the actual deadlock is, according to Mr. Boukhari, the non-application of this two measures. Since last December no new applicant has been identified.


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