WEEK 03, 15-21.01.1996

According to the French daily newspaper Le Monde the official visit of King Hassan II in France will "probably take place in spring". It was announced at December 7 by Jacques Chirac for early 1996.

France reduces Moroccan debt of 1 billion FF (Le Monde)
Morocco is the country which receives the highest financial help from France. One billion FF from the total debt of 25 billions FF has been cleaned by French government. Several economic agreements have been signed at Marrakesh on January 14. Morocco promised to develop the nordic region, particularly the Rif region, where farming of cannabis represents the main income.

Tunisian and Libyan envoys called on King Hassan to withdraw his previous demand to freeze activities of Arab Maghreb Union (according to a diplomatic source).

Morocco is expected to send 1'200 soldiers, choosen from elite armed forces units based in Western Sahara, to Bosnia next month to join the NATO-led Implementation Force.

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