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01 - 07.12.2002



The President of the Saharawi Republic received a message of good wishes from the President of Chad, Idriss Deby, on the occasion of Eid El Fitr. (SPS)(note of the red. Chad canceled ist recognition of SADR in 1997)


Death in El Ayoun prison (continued)
Following the death in prison of Boucetta Mohamed (see week
48), the general procurer of the court of appeal in El Ayoun ordered an autopsy to determine the exact causes of death and the opening of a judicial inquiry on the circumstances surrounding it. According to information from inside the prison, on the night of the tragedy fellow-detainees of Boucetta asked the warders to call for help without success. It was in the morning that the death was noted. The penitentiary administration then called an ambulance to transport the body to hospital so they could announce the death "in hospital", but the ambulance driver refused to carry the dead body, being forbidden by law. According to reliable sources the report of the autopsy, which has not been made public, is believed to conclude that death was not from natural causes and points to the marks of torture.
Two sisters of the victim were summoned by the judicial police in El Ayoun in relation to the complaint they had lodged with the general procurer of the King. (corr.)


The Spanish government believes that there is no connection between the US position on Western Sahara and the concession for an oil exploration licence by Morocco. That is what the secretary of state for foreign affairs, Ramón Gil-Casares, declared to the Senate committee on foreign affairs in response to a question. He added that there is an international legal agreement accepted by all the parties, the peace plan and that we must continue to act towards making the referendum take place."


The King of Morocco and the French President had private talks in Casablanca, on the subject of bilateral relations, cooperation between Morocco and the European Union and on questions of the moment regionally and internationally. Mohammed VI and Jacques Chirac examined the means of deepening relations between Morocco and France "in the context of an exceptional strategic partnership in the service of companies and the economies of two friendly countries, the spokesman of the Moroccan ministries of foreign affairs and co-operation indicated.

The daily, Le Monde announces that the Moroccan sovereign will travel to Paris to inaugurate the «Place Mohammed V», in front of the Institute of the Arab World. On this occasion he will be given a dinner at the Elysée Palace.


The Saharawi Red Crescent (CRS) expressed its satisfaction with the humanitarian assistance granted by the Humanitarian Office of the European Commission (ECHO) to the Saharawi refugees on the occasion of Ramadan. "Dates, fresh meat, vegetables and oranges have been distributed to the Saharawi refugees through the different Saharawi wilayas and dairas", the CRS statement said, making clear that "this aid falls within ECHO's global plan for the year 2002". On this occasion the CRS expressed thanks to ECHO as well as to the NGOs (Caritas and Oxfam Belgique) for carrying out the programme. (SPS)


SIGN the Appeal "Freedom and Justice for the 526 Saharawi Disappeared" of the of the BIRDHSO !

Im Rahmen der Vorbereitung für den SAHARA MARATHON 2003 hat die Marathon Gruppe Österreich am 29.11 02 um 19 Uhr einen Video-Vortrag im Autohaus OPEL AUER in Krems organisiert. Nadjat Handi, Vertreterin der F.Polisario in Österreich hat über die politische Situation in der Westsahara gesprochen, Eva Niklas, Marathon Sahara Österreich, über Humanitäre Aspekte, Land und Leute und Max Wenisch, über die Vorbereitung auf einen Marathon.


Mostra: Memorie di Libertŕ di un Popolo in esilio, Associazione YODA e CESTAS, sala de Cestas, Bologna, fino al 11.12.02


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