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10.-16.03. 2002


FEDISSAH, the Spanish State Federation of Institutions in solidarity with the Sahara, during a meeting in the Canaries, announced that referendums on the independence of Western Sahara will be organised before the end of the year in 16 autonomous regions of Spain, on the model of the consultation organised in Andalusia last autumn. During this meeting, which brought together delegates of groups from all over Spain, the Polisario representative for Spain, Brahim Ghali, "totally" rejected the possibility of partition of the Sahara, because the struggle for freedom has been declared "for the whole Sahara". He also regretted the delays and especially the reduction in food aid from the UN to the Saharawi refugees.

United Kingdom
The representative of the Polisario Front in the United Kingdom and Ireland recalls in a
press statement, that the question of Western Sahara is a question of decolonisation. He denounces the offensive of disinformation all over the place initiated by Morocco, with the aim of reducing the question of Western Sahara to a simple question of economic development. It was with this in mind that Rabat is thought to have recently contacted The Policy Partnership, an important British consultant specialising in political lobbying.  

Occupied territories
The Saharawi prime minister,  Bouchraya Beyoun, asked "for a stop to the establishment of colonies of settlers" in the occupied territories of Western Sahara. He denounced the "criminal operation" which consists in "evacuating the territory of its inhabitants...in order to put in Moroccan settlers". In the course of his visit to the occupied territories, Mohamed VI announced the construction of six fishing villages. The Saharawi population now only makes up 30% of the total population of Western Sahara. (SPS)

Western Sahara - Fishing
The Moroccan Minister of Fishing, Saïd Chbaâtou, indicated that the fishing sector constitutes one of the key elements in the development of Western Sahara, where production exceeds 500,000 tonnes of fish, with an increase forecast to 1,200,000 tonnes over the coming two years. At present there are 350 coastal fishing trawlers and 8,000 small fishing boats. The fishing methods used constitutes a serious threat for the replenishment of fish stocks according to environmental specialists.

Diplomatic offensive
After passing through Paris, the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs went to London to give a message to Tony Blair from the King of Morocco and to reiterate the rejection of the option of partition in Western Sahara.

75th session of the OAU Council of Ministers
In his report, the secretary general, Mr Amara Essy, evoked the question of Western Sahara in order to reject the option of autonomy and to reaffirm the commitment of his organisation to a mutually acceptable solution, based on the will of the Saharawi people, freely and democratically expressed in conformity with the United Nations settlement plan.

The Saharawi Consultative Council, which brings together over 130 shiouk (experts used in the UN identification process of Saharawi voters), in a letter to the European Parliament, asked it to exert pressure on Morocco to make this country "obey international law" through "the implementation of the United Nations peace plan", and to stop "the plunder of Saharawi wealth and the establishment of settlers" in the occupied territories.
The Consultative Council also addressed the Spanish Parliament, to request from the government "a consistent commitment to help put an end to the quarter-century long suffering of the Saharawi people".
Finally, in a letter sent to the Security Council and the UN Secretary General, the CC, speaking from the strength of experience of its members, "affirms that the question of the appeals could be resolved in a reasonable time by the United Nations". (SPS)

Morocco- Algeria
The King of Morocco had talks on Moroccan-Algerian relations with the Algerian Minister of the Interior, on an impromptu visit to Morocco. The Saudi Crown Prince was also said to be in Morocco (Le Matin, Alger). This was to attempt, claims  Maghreb Confidentiel, a mediation between the two countries. Saudi Arabia with the support of Egypt is believed to want to bring together the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and King Mohamed VI in  a fringe meeting alongside the Arab summit due to take place on 27 and 28 March in Beirut.


09.03.02, Stockholm, Sveden: In a statement from the Nordic conference "A people´s right to their country - Western Sahara" on 9 March in Stockholm, organised by The committé for the Saharawi women, the governments in the Nordic countries are called upon to support alternative one in the report of the secretary-general of the UN, which means an implementation of the peace plan and a referendum. The occupation must end. An extended mandate and enlarged means of Minurso in order to safeguard the result of the referendum are also demanded. The verdict of the legal department of the UN that Morocco has no right to exploit the natural resources of Western Sahara must also be respected.
Among the speakers at the conference were the minister of sport and culture Mariam Hmdad Salek, the Polisario representative in Europe Mohamed Sidati, the members of the European Parliament Maj-Britt Theorin (s) and Marianne Eriksson (v) and Eva Zetterberg (v) member of the Swedish parliament. About 60 persons from four different political parties and organisations together with parliamentarians participated in the conference.

10.03.02, Blida, Algeria: At the University of Blida-Soumaa a solidarity day was organised by the Algerian Union of Students (UNEA), in presence of a Saharawi delegation and the national secretary of the Algerian committee of solidarity to the Saharawi people, as well as a representative of the Palestinian Embassy in Algiers.


Tournée de la chanteuse Mariem Hassan avec le groupe Leyoad:

14 de marzo, Emociona!!! Mujer, Auditorio Museo de la Ciudad de Madrid. 20:30 horas. Príncipe de Vergara, 140, Metro Cruz del Rayo.
15 de marzo: Teatro de Amorebieta, Vizcaya

16 mars: Festival de La Courneuve
17 mars: Cirque d´hiver, Paris
19 mars: Festival du Mans

21 de marzo: Teatro Nuria Espert, Fuenlabrada, Madrid
4 de abril: Suristán, Madrid
5 de abril, Marquina, Vizcaya
11 de abril, Valencia

20.03.02, a las 20hs, en el Café "Zanzibar" (Calle Regueros, 9, Madrid) tertulia "Sahara Occidental, una solución Aplazada", presentada por Ahmed Mulay, delegado del Frente Polisario en Madrid. La tertulia está organizada por la Asociación para la Cooperación con el Sur, ACSUR Las Segovias.

Del 15 de marzo al 14 de abril del 2002: «Memoria del Sahara», Valladolid. Sala Municipal de Exposiciones de la Iglesia de Las Francesas.

18 de abril 2002. 19'30 h.: Concierto "Las voces del desierto", Valladolid. F.M.C. Sala Cervantes.

Vuelo charter:
Trayecto: Alicante-Tinduf-Alicante. Salida:27 de Marzo a las 18h00. Regreso: 1 de abril a las 18h00. Precio:452 Euros. Tel de contacto: Delegación Saharaui en Murcia (Salek Radi): 626793362, E-Mail:
radi@yahoo.es, Asociación de amigos: (Pedro Cobacho): 609368902.

Vuelo charter desde Andalucia:
26 de abril - 2 de mayo. Info: Asociación de Amistad con el Pueblo Saharaui de Sevilla:




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