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International campaign for the liberation of Mohamed Daddach and all Saharawi political prisoners condemned by Moroccan courts

The inaugural meeting of the "Action Committee for the liberation of M Daddach and all Saharawi political detainees" took place in El Ayoun, bringing together all those fighting for human rights in Western Sahara. Its secretariat is composed of 15 members, all former disappeared detainees or family members of Saharawi prisoners or disappeared. The European Bureau for the Respect of Human Rights in Western Sahara (BERDHSO) was able to address the meeting live by telephone to offer its support. (Communiqué)

Meanwhile Saharawi political prisoners themselves joined in the action.  There are now over twenty on hunger strike in the prisons of Marrakech, El Ayoun and Kenitra.

The NGO Hourriya/Liberté, Paris, joined the campaign started by the European Bureau for the Respect of Human Rights in Western Sahara (BERDHSO) for Mohamed Daddach and 25 other Saharawi detainees sentenced in Moroccan courts.

The collection of signatures on petitions is continuing.
You can sign the appeal on line (
english, french, spanish, italian) or download and print out petition forms for the collection of signatures (english, french, spanish, italian).

The Moroccan weekly Demain Magazine published an analysis by Driss Basri of the Western Sahara conflict. This text had been drawn up  at the request of the French daily, Le Monde after the Security Council resolution at the end of June. In the run-up to the Enthronement Speech of Mohamed VI, the former Minister of the Interior had postponed its publication, which had never taken place. Recently, the king declared that with the Framework Agreement he had "settled" the business of Western Sahara. Basri, in a letter setting the matter straight with Demain, declared that the text had been published without his agreement.
Basri, in his detailed analysis, criticised fundamentally the draft
Framework Agreement, which is in fact Morocco's proposal. He considers the UN proposal as the first step towards the independence of the Sahara and a threat for the integrity of Morocco. According to Basri, the UN proposal "is part of a view of independence for the territory", autonomy being only the initial step. He points out that this autonomy goes much further than regionalisation and that through its international guarantee (sponsorship by France and the USA)constitutes an attack on the unity of the Moroccan nation. He speaks of "flagrant interference", saying that over a third of Morocco would be under foreign surveillance. Basri finally points out that the "new move of the UN seems seriously to contravene the spirit and the letter of the (UN) Charter".
Basri's position was completely hushed up in Morocco, where a discussion of this issue, so important for the country's future, still seems not to be possible. (
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Uganda has accredited Fadel Ismaïl as the new SADR ambassador in Kampala.

Council of Arab League ministers
Mr. Amr Moussa,  general secretary of the Arab League, brought up the question of Western Sahara in his report,  provoking a protest from the Moroccan delegation. This passage was later removed from the report.

The Polisario Front National Secretariat's Bureau, meeting under the chairmanship of Mohamed Abdelaziz, head of state and secretary-general of the Polisario Front, condemned the criminal attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the USA and, particularly, against defenceless innocent civilians. It expressed the Saharan people's solidarity with the people of the USA and their government. (Saharawi national radio)


13.09.01: Loja (Andalousia) has twinned with  Oum Dreiga.


17.09.01, rabat, Morocco: 36 officials and members of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights, of the Truth and Justice Forum, of the Coordination Committee of Saharawi victims of forced disappearance and family members of political prisoners, will appear before the Court of Appeal in Rabat. The Magistrate's Court in Rabat had sentenced each of them on 16 May 2001 to 3 months in prison and 3,000 dirhams' fine.  The Moroccan Association of Human Rights, which will appear before the Court of Appeal in Rabat on 17 September 2001 at 9 am, considers that this trial could not take place if the Moroccan state respected human rights and its commitments to the International Declaration of Protection of Defenders of Human Rights. The Association is asking for the quashing of arbitrary proceedings, and the bringing to justice of the real criminals, authors of serious human rights abuses which Morocco has known for over 40 years. (Statement from AMDH on 12.00.01)

21.09.01, Germany: Lohmar/Köln, Schloss Auel, Festival Kulturen der Welt,"Women's Voices", Musik-Gruppe "Mujeres Saharauis", weitere Konzerte möglich, info: zazie.wurr@online.de

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