WEEK 48, 27.11.-3.12.1995

Number 1819 of the weekly newspaper "Jeune Afrique" was grasped in Morocco and prohibited for sale until further notice because of a commentary about King Hassan's illness and some US-criticisms about the position of Rabat in the Western Sahara conflict.
The Moroccan Human Rights Organisation, OMDH, and the national Press Trade Union protested against this action.

In a letter addressed to the acting President of the Security Council, on December first by Mr Bachir Sayed, sahrawi coordinator with MINURSO, the Polisario Front explains its point of vue about the last report of the Secretary General (S/1995/986 of 24.11.95).
This report had "to produce specific and detailed proposals to resolve the problems hindering the complession of the identification process."
Concerning the tribes which were not included in the spanish census of 1974 and the 100'000 applicants living in Morocco, Mr Boutros-Ghali took following proposition: the identification will go on also with the participation of one part only and on the basis of a not clearly definited documentation.
For the Polisario Front "this proposition is not objective nor realistic". It is not the result of any consultation between the parties, but only the response to the Morroccan refusal of any change of the proceeding.
The Polisario Front repeats his attachment to the proposition made by the Secretary General in his letter of October 27 which required in the contested cases spanish documents. It refuses to participate to the identification when based only on the oral testimony of one Cheikh, designed by Morocco, unless this testimony would be clearly shored up by documents delivered by the spanish authorities, who administrated the territory up to 1974.
Facing the turning round of the S.G. between October 27 and November 24, the Polisario Front asks finally the question about the value of future decisions of the Secretary General in front of a Moroccan refusal.

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