WEEK 47, 20-26.11.1995

Publication by the AFAPREDESA of a list of 14 Sahrawis, arrested and torturated on the first days of November. These persons are in detention in the headquarter of the Mobil Intervention Companies (CMI) in El Ayoun. Most of them are former political prisoners who were already confine in secret centers in Morocco.
In the same press release the AFAPREDESA give some details on the assassination of Mohamed El Bachir Leili (see also 2.11.1995, week 44).
Finally the AFAPREDESA appeals urgently to all human rights organisations to the founding of an independant board of inquiry.
European Campaign for the adoption of disappeared Sahrawis

Identification process.
Since July the process of voter identification has been jeopardized, on the one hand by the submission of 100'000 applications from individuals resident in Morocco, and, on the other hand, by the issue of contested tribes. Tens of thousands of whose members were transferred to the Western Sahara in 1991, in violation of the Settlement Plan.
The decision of Mr. Boutros-Ghali concerning the identification procedure contained in his letter from October 27, 1995 was accepted by the Polisario Front, but refused publicly by Morocco.
On November 14, 1995 the Deputy Special Representative informed the Polisario Front that Mr. Boutros-Ghali considers his decision of October 27 as falling outside the framework of the Peace Plan and has opted for continuing the procedures under way for identification both of the 100'000 persons residing in Morocco and of the members of challenged tribes.
The Polisario Front, in a letter dated November 18, 1995, "cannot understand the reasons for this reversal, for this return to the starting-point. (...) The Polisario Front cannot subscribe to such a proposal, whose implementation would be tantamount to holding a referendum for a people other than the Sahrawi people."

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