WEEK 46, 13-19.11.1995

The European Union and Morocco sign a treaty of economic association, which anticipates the creation of a euro-moroccan free trade industrial zone. This takes part of the european policy to open markets in the mediterranean countries for E.U. products and facilitate the delocation of european enterprises to Middle East region rather than Asia. This policy will be officially started at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Barcelona on Nov. 27.
An alternative conference is also organised in Barcelona by spanish and european NGOs with the theme "Solidarity around the Mediterranean Sea".

A new fishing treaty between the European Union and Morocco is signed for 4 years beginning on December 1, 1995.

The Algerian daily newspaper "El Watan" announces that Hassan II would be seriously ill and transported urgently by special aircraft in a French hospital.

The Sahrawi Information Ministery announces in a press release that an intense repression campaign was started in the South-Moroccan city of Tan-Tan, after pacific manifestations on November 7, organised by Sahrawi students.

The Sahrawi President Mohamed Abdelaziz arrives in the United States for a visit. In a statement he repeats that Morocco tries to rig the pull by flooding the electoral list with more than 100'000 of its nationals.

Press briefing in Paris of members of the Moroccan "Consultative Council on Human Rights", created 1990 by King Hassan II. They try to refute the affirmations of the report of Human Rights Watch. The Moroccan delegation plans to head for Washington to visit Human Rights Watch offices to discuss their report.

Identification process.
The debates on the proposals of Mr. Boutros-Ghali concerning the identification procedures of 100'000 Moroccan applicants are going on. Morocco and its allies, first of them France, are refusing this proposals and lobbying the Security Council. Morocco has started a large diplomatic campaign in Europe and USA to make agree his point of view.
Erik Jensen, Active Special UN Representative for Western Sahara, was on Nov. 11 in the Sahrawi refugee camps, to hand over to the Sahrawi authorities a message of Mr Boutros-Ghali. The report from the Secretary-General on Western Sahara, due for the end of this week, would be postponed for a week to 10 days, because the consultations are still going on.

The Polisario Front has handed to the International Red Cross Committee 185 prisoners of war, released 1989 but never accepted by the Moroccan authorities. This group was repatriated in two aircrafts of the US and Argentinian military air forces. A Moroccan official, who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed their arrival at the Ben Guerir military base near Marrakesh.

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