WEEK 41, 9-15.10.1995

Fourth Committee of UN-General Assembly (Committee for Special Political Questions and Decolonization)
Statement of Mr. Boukhari Ahmed, representative of SADR at the UN, who explains the loss of credibility of the implementation of the referendum in Western Sahara, and insists about the fact that not only the credibility of the UN, but also peace and security in the area are threatened.
The request for hearing of Ambassador Frank Ruddy was sharply discussed and finally refused by vote: 38 against 32, and 20 abstentions. The Secretary General didnt permit to the former Chairman of the Identification Commission of the MINURSO to speak. With its vote the Committee accepted to respect the UN regulations by the letter. The US representative expresses his regrets about this decision.
The Committee examined the Secretary general's report and prepared a resolution to General Assembly which repeats the terms of last Security Council's report, asking for direct talks between the two parties.

The Moroccan Minister of Interior Driss Basri reaffirms at an informal meeting with the members of the Security Council that the documents of the 100'000 applicants lliving outside Western Sahara are valid.

The Security Council this morning was having consultations initially on Western Sahara. The Council was being briefed by Acting Special Representative of the Secretary General for Western Sahara, Erik Jensen.
20th anniversary of the National Unity.
Constituent session of the first Sahrawi National Assembly.
The first elected Sahrawi National Assembly was installed at the refugee camps in Tindouf to coincide with the celebrations of the Sahrawi people on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the national unity. The president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, presides over the installation of the assembly members and the opening of its first session. The Sahrawi National Assembly consists of 101 members who were elected by secret ballot. This constituent session was attended by the elected members of the assembly, the members of the National Secretariat, government ministers and a number of delegations representing sisterly and friendly countries. Ninety-five party activists, who were elected at ocal and regional conferences to represent the people, met this evening at the constituent session of the first elected Sahrawi National Assembly. Ninety-five is not the full number of members of the assembly, because there are six other members whose names have not been disclosed. These six represent the steadfast masses of our people in the occupied areas.The people's deputies are today facing huge responsibilities and tasks for they are the members of a body in charge of legislation, control and auditing.

On the american TV channel NET (Republican Party), John Bolton, former Assistant Secretary of State, and Ambassador Frank Ruddy explain the irregularities of MINURSO action and denounce the moroccan attitude. They reaffirm that the referendum is a good goal but the United Nations are managing it in a shamefull way and the behavior of Morocco is scandalous.

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