The Representative of Polisario to the United Nations
Mr.Ahmed Boukhari

addressed on December 7, 1995


His Excellency Mr. Sergey V. Lavrov, President of the Security Council of the United Nations

Mr President,
I have been instructed by the Secretary-General of the Frente Polisario and President of SADR to transmit to you the following concerning the draft resolution on the situation regarding Western Sahara as its co-sponsors have amended it today, 7 December 1995:

  1. Based on all letters that we have addressed to the Security Council Members, the Frente Polisario unequivocally stresses its decision not to participate in the identification process on the basis of the wording contained in the operative paragraphs 2 and 3 of the new draft resolution nor recognizes the validity of an unilateral identification as foreseen in the Secretary-General's report.
  2. Furthermore, the Frente Polisario will not accept to enter in any consultations with the Secretary-General and / or his acting special Representative in this context of the operative paragraph 2 of the said draft resolution that clearly tends to create a "fait accompli" and render useless such consultations.
  3. If such a draft resolution is passed as it stands now, the Frente Polisario would have no other option than reconsidering its obligations under the Settlement Plan.

I would be grateful to you to convey the content of this letter to the Members of the Security Council.

Highest consideration,
Ahmed Boukhari, Representative of Polisario

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