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On the 28th of October 1999 the United Nations Secraetary General, Kofi Annan, released a report on the current situation in Western Sahara.

Once again, he reports that the Moroccans insist that they are fully committed to the settlement plan for the region. This is despite the recent events in Laayoune, which included arrests and deaths. The Secretary General also notes that 79,125 appeals have been received by people seeking to be identified as inhabitants of the region and seeking eligibility to vote in the referendum. This seems to be a further attempt by the Moroccan governement to impede the settlement process.

The report also announces that the new king, Mohamed VI, has created a royal commission on Western Sahara whose members would include Saharans, other representatives of the territory's population, the military and Moroccan governement officials. This appears to be contrary to UN's settlement plan and does not fully contribute to a plan for a free and fair referendum.

The Secretary General also reports that the Moroccan army's activities in the marking and disposal of unexploded ordnance in the region have slowed considerably. MINURSO (UN Mission of the Referendum in Western Sahara) have urged the Moroccans to keep up with the implementation of the agreement.

Further the Secretary General notes that recent events at Laayoune and in East Timor have further decreased their confidence in the UN's ability in this regard.

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