[Appel à tous les Nationalistes Sahraoui(e)s - Llamamento a todos los patriotas Saharaui - Appeal to all Saharawi Nationalists]  



Opinion on the statement made by a group of Saharawi nationalists:

Strong unity.. more sacrifices..


I had read carefully the request made by some Saharawis in the refugee camps to all the Saharawis, nationalists or not, everywhere to join them to overcome the Polisario's leadership, or to found a new liberation movement to defend the Saharawi state that is in danger for Polisario leadership's mismanagement. Thus, I would like to notice the folowing:

1) I would like to remember the authors of such statement the events of 1988 when a political clash had taken place between the own Polisario leadership over the necessity of more democracy on the internal level. Althought the said events brought some democracy to internal political life in RASD, Morocco had profited from it by its own way too. Morocco explained such clash as a fragility of Sahrawis' unity and convinced its allies that Polisario is going to pass away, and the Sahrawis will come back into few days.

2) The Saharawis are sure that any no-democratic correction, whatsoever its kind, will allow to Morocco and its allies to take adventage of it. If the enemy will smell the odor of such differences between the Saharawis, it will intervene directly and quickly to demolish the Saharawis' unity which is the decisive factor in the conflict.

3) I would like to ask the authors of the statement since they had declared some rivality against Polisario; what way do you follow to compete with Polisario leadership? Do you will act peacefully or forcefully ? The style of force is nearly impossible, because you are wise and you know the consequence of such violence on Saharawi unity .. If you will follow the way of democracy, the last one does not need such roar and such noisy statement which had remembered us of the statements of revolutions during colonialism period.

All the Sahrawis everywhere know very well what is happening into Polisario camp, and they are convinced that such situation needs urgent change, particularly after UN'failure which will lead to an unknown new situation. The change the Saharawis perspective at is a change leading to declare an armed clash against Morocco to press on it to accept the Sahrawi's reality. The Sahrawis say, that they lost every thing since the first day after cease-fire, and without war or attaks into Morocco the situation will stay calm with Polisario or without it. I am sure that if you ( the authors of the statement) have a project aims to declare war on Morocco tomorrow, all the Saharwis will join your ranks to defend their souvereignty. The Saharawis are convinced that without war or huge pressure Morocco will not let Western Sahara peacefully. Besides, they are convinced too that any other regime that would not head them to war will have no differences with Polisario since no new factors have taken place on the actual situation. The Sahrawis are ready to vote on any regime, even dictatorship, that has the intention to declare war on Morocco, not on some one has only nice , revolutionary words. Solid unity is indispensable now to continue the stuggle against Morocco, and the Saharawis would fight with or without leadership. In Palestine case, the elites founded many movements for one subject, but, instead of fighting Israel, they fight each other to unify their point of view, and finally Israel took advantage of their differences to overcome their unity. In Western Sahara case, the Sahrawis few number does not need more movements, but more sacrifices and strong unity, and we have the example of the struggle of Mohammed Daddach and Salem Tamek who fought Morocco and obliged it recognize the existance of the Saharawi reality. .