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Letter to the UN Security Council President

23 July 2002


Sir Jeremy Quentin Greenstock, KCMG
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the UK to the United Nations

President of the UN Security Council

Dear Mr. President,

assuming the presidency of the Security Council for its debate on the Western Sahara Conflict we urge you to plead for the respect of international law and decide in favour of a solution in accordance: a free and fair referendum to end the conflict and which will enable the Sahrawi people to decide on their future.

The Western Sahara Conflict is a conflict of decolonization. And it must be solved according to the rules set by the UN in the past.

The world will closely watch whether the Security Council is ready to respect UN-principles or not.

Yours faithfully

Christoph Steinbrink -
German Association of Friends of the Sahrawian People

Axel Goldau -
Critical Ecology News/Institute for Applied Cultural Research


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