Our dear friend Nouruddinne is dead.

It is a loss not only for his family, Polisario Front and the Saharawi people but also for us his friends in other countries. For us, the Swedish Western Sahara Committee, he was the great inspirer and teacher. He spared no efforts in explaning and guiding us in our solidarity work.

He was an extremely intelligently and passionately hardworking person who had the gift of making people really understand the fate of the Saharawi people.

He saw no difference between people. For him a political leader or an ordinary Swedish person had the same value. He treated them with the same respect and by doing that he created for himself a place in many Swedish persons´ hearts. Nouruddinne made an impression on all the people he met in Sweden. He was also a genuinely friendly person with an incredible sense of humour.

For many years he was the representative of Polisario in the Nordic countries. In those years he managed to put "Västsahara" on the agenda of most political parties and NGO:s and to make the Saharawi issue known to lots of journalists and ordinary Swedes. During Nouruddinne´s period in Sweden the solidarity work for the Saharawis was at its peak.

Nouruddinne will stay in our memory as the brilliant symbol of Polisario and the Saharawis, who never give up in their struggle for justice, freedom and independence.

Lena Thunberg, Tidskriften Västsahara and Jan Strömdahl, Föreningen Västsahara

[ARSO] - [Duelo de Mohamed Salem Hach Embarek]