Australia Western Sahara Association


26 June 2001.

The Australia Western Sahara Association has urged the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer to make every effort to oppose the new "Autonomy" recommendation by James Baker, the United Nations Envoy to Western Sahara.

The U.N. Security Council will be discussing the report that essentially capitulates to the illegal annexation of Western Sahara by Morocco.

Jamie Parker, the President of the Australia Western Sahara Association said "the Association has made urgent representations to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

A.W.S.A. calls on the Australian government to make every effort to support self-determination of the Western Sahara people. We fear that adoption of these recommendations will spark a resumption of armed conflict in the region. Over a decade of obstruction to the U.N. endorsed referendum process seem to be paying dividends for the Moroccans.  The report looks set to replace the right to self-determination with a limited autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty."

A.W.S.A.. is working with human rights support groups around the world to mobilise the international community into action to avoid a crisis. It is critical that the U.N. stand firm on the various resolutions to support self-determination of Western Sahara. A.W.S.A. urges the U.N. to implement the referendum as soon as possible as the only way to resolve the illegal occupation by the Moroccans in a fair and just manner.

For further information contact the A.W.S.A. President, Jamie Parker on 0407-869249 or A.W.S.A. Secretary, Paul Reid on 0407-242092

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