Liberal International
49th Congress
Brussels, Belgium
3-5 March 1999


Resolution "Situation in Western Sahara"

- Having a regard to the both United Nations Security Council resolutions 1204 (1998) of 30 October 1998 and 1215 (1998) of 17 December 1998 and with reference to the Resolution taken by the European Parliament (14 Januray 1999), as well as by taking in consideration all the proposals and recommendations made by the UN SG,

- concerned that, due to recent development, the prospects of a referendum to be held in the Western Sahara have become increasingly remote, the Liberal International,

1. Urges the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco to accept within the time frame established by the UN the proposals made by the UN SG, Mr Kofi Annan, in order to move forward with the implementation of the settlement plan,

2. Demands that the Government of Morocco cooperate fully with the UN to realize a free, fair and impartial referendum for the self-determination of the people of the Western Sahara, without any further delay,

3. Calls on the Government of Morocco to create a formal legitimation for the presence of the UNHCR in this Territory and requests both parties, the Government of Morocco and the Polisario Front, to take concrete action to enable the UNHCR to carry out the necessary preparatory work,

4. Calls on the European Union to stap up its efforts to support the referendum process and increase humanitarian support for the Saharawi people,

5. Decides to follow closely the situation in Western Sahara and to send observers to monitor the Referendum in Western Sahara,

6. Instructs the LI President and the SG to forward this resolution to the UN SG, to the OAU, to the European Union presidency, to the Kingdom of Morocco and to the Polisario Front.

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